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It’s Time to Automate

Datasheets are an essential sales tool; however producing thousands of unique datasheets that sell and differentiate your products and brand can be labor intensive, error prone, and costly. The Quark Smart Datasheets Solution transforms the creation and automates the publishing of standout datasheets to print and digital devices, reducing time and cost by more than 85%. It’s Time to Automate.

Quark Smart Datasheets Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the solution manage translations?

The Smart Datasheets Solution is translation aware and can be integrated with your existing translation process. It can also manage the localized design templates and content. The actual translation process would be managed outside of the solution.

Which languages do you support for localized datasheet production?

The Smart Datasheets Solution can produce datasheets in any left to right reading language and any 2-byte East Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean. The solution does not currently support the automated creation of datasheets in other right to left reading languages such as Hebrew. The design templates additionally have specific spellchecking and hyphenation support for 37+ languages, which are listed on the Tech Specs page.

Can all of our marketing assets and collateral be managed in the solution?

While the solution has been specifically developed to automate datasheet production, the technology is widely applicable. Any type of asset can be stored, managed, tracked and approved within the solution including graphics, video, collateral and other marketing assets.

What databases does the solution integrate with?

We can integrate with any data source that supports ODBC, JDBC or direct access. This includes databases such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and many others. It also includes spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

Do you support versioning control?

The Smart Datasheets Solution has configurable versioning control which can be set differently for each type of file you store including settings for major and minor versions and how many of each should be stored in the system at any time.

What versions of Microsoft Word do you support?

The solution currently works with Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and 2010.

What tablet and smartphone platforms do you support?

The Smart Datasheets Solution integrates with App Studio for app creation for a number of platforms and devices including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android smartphones and tablets. See for the latest information on device and app store support.

Does the solution support advanced typographic features such as leading, tracking and kerning?

Yes. The datasheet design templates provide for complete control over leading, tracking and kerning as well as features such as text runaround on images, hanging characters and grid styles.

Does the solution support professional printing and output features?

Yes. Design templates allow for absolute positioning and rotation, transparency, gutters with anchors, spot colors, pages with columns with mixed widths, color separation, bleed, crop and trim marks, alternating table row colors, table spanning across pages, text boxes of any shape and much more besides.

Is special software required to access the solution?

The Smart Datasheet Solution works with software you likely already know and use. Content Authoring takes place in Microsoft Word using our Word Plugin, template design is in QuarkXPress and everything else is accessible through a Web client that works with all modern browsers. This includes Web-based review and approval.

Can the Smart Datasheets Solution be used to produce technical spec sheets?

Yes. The Quark Smart Datasheets Solution can be used to produce product data sheets, technical spec sheets, technical data sheets and product specification documents.

Does the solution work with InDesign?

The design templates are created using QuarkXPress. If you have existing datasheet designs in InDesign, we can help you convert them across to QuarkXPress as part of the implementation project.


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